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Register and submit a collection case online all in a matter of minutes with our new online platform.


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1. Tell us who you are








Follow simple steps and receive a tailored offer via Agora.
All we need is you and your debtor’s information as well as details about the debt. After providing us with those details, a tailored quote will instantly appear on a screen.

2. A clear offer

No hidden costs: Our pricing is crystal clear. With Atradius Collections’ online system, all potential costs are clearly presented to you at the start. Based on your information, we calculate the fees and the balance amount upon successful collection.


Become our customer

3. Provide us with your contact details



Once you are ready to accept the offer and place your debt case(s) online, register as our customer by providing us with your company and your debtor’s contact information.




customer confirmation




4. Add documents easily

Now that you are ready to place a case, you can drag and drop all relevant case documents to the system.

The more supporting documentation you can give us, such as invoice copies and/or account statements or communication, the better.



5. Customer confirmation

The final step is to agree to our Terms and Conditions, which equals to a signed contract. You will also receive a confirmation email from us that you are now our customer and have placed a debt case with us.

It’s that simple. Our local collectors will initiate debt collection activities immediately.

Stay in control

6. Keep track of case updates










Log into your personal dashboard to keep track of your case progress, get notifications and review collection activity. Via your personal dashboard, you can interact with collectors regarding your case(s) and respond to enquiries at your convenience.

7. Receive and pay invoices

Via your dashboard, you can monitor what has been recovered, as well as settle your accounts with us.

8. Add new cases anytime

You can add a new collection case whilst we are collecting current cases.

Our aim is to successfully collect your debts so that you can focus on your core business!

Start collecting today

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