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About Atradius Collections

Atradius Collections is an international business-to-business debt collection company. We collect debts on behalf of our clients. We believe that an amicable, proactive approach yields the best results in collecting outstanding invoices. We want to work with you on the best solution to pay off your debts.










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Frequently asked questions

How can I pay?

Via our debtor portal
Make payments online and check your balance using our debtor portal. Please click here to login.

Pay via your own bank
Use online banking to pay us directly using our local bank number. Please also include the Atradius Collections reference number.

Call us to pay
You can speak to one of our collectors who will be able to help you make a payment.

I can't pay in full right now.

We want to work with you on the best way to help clear your debt. We will take your financial circumstances into account and set up an affordable payment plan that allows you to pay your debt. Please contact us via email or phone. Here are the contact details of all our offices.

I have already paid my debt. How do I inform you?

If you believe you have already paid, please let us know via your preferred contact details here.

Email us
Please fill out the contact form below to let us know about your payment.

Call us
You can speak to one of our collectors to register your payment with us.

How do you calculate interest and costs?

Your creditor might already charge interest from the moment the debtor (you) is in default. By definition, a debtor is in default when the payment term included in a payment reminder (notice of default) expires.

If nothing has been arranged in the agreement or the general terms and conditions between the creditor and the debtor, the creditor may charge statutory interest.

What is Atradius Collections' bank account number?

To pay us directly, please use the local bank number of our respective office in your country.

Don’t forget to mention your Atradius Collections' reference number.

Why don’t you have an online portal to process payments?


Currently we are rolling out our online self-service platform. This might not be active in your country yet. We expect to have global coverage by the end of 2019.

Can you also take care of unpaid invoices from my debtors?

Yes, we can take care of your debtors. Though we prefer that you pay your outstanding debt to us first before we see what we can do for your company.

I want to dispute my debt.

If you want to file a complaint or dispute, please use the contact form below or send us your complaint via email.

To make sure that you provide all the necessary information for us to investigate your complaint, please complete this complaint form.

Can I pay via credit card?

Yes, we offer both VISA and MASTER CARDS options in our debtor portal.

Please click here to log in.

Why should I clear my debt?

To prevent the debt from accumulating further by the added interest and costs. Also to prevent this case from going to court for legal measurements.

It’s better to discuss with us about your debt instead of doing nothing. We are here to work with you on the best solution to clear your debt.

Can Atradius Collections process my data according to the GDPR?

If you want to know how Atradius Collections collect and process your personal data, please read our Privacy Statement or submit a Data Subject Request.

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Other questions?

Have you not found an answer to your question in the Debtor Portal, or in the FAQ above? Please contact our Customer Service Representative in your country. You can find the contact details here.