Collect@Net is an online platform that enables you to access our debt collection expertise and to monitor the progress of our collection activities.

Collect@Net works alongside our global IT infrastructure, allowing us to offer you one of the most integrated collection networks in the industry. Supported by locally-based, multilingual debt collection specialists, our on-the-ground expertise is well-placed to help you resolve disputes and achieve rapid settlement on unpaid invoices. If you’re a credit insurance policy holder, you’ll be able to access this along with Atradius insurance services through Atradius Atrium.
















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Using a third-party collection service doesn't harm the relationship a company has with its buyers. 87% of Atradius Collections' customers agree that our service helps maintain their relationship with the debtors.

Raymond van der Loos
Director, Atradius Collections

How does online debt collection management work?

At its simplest level, you can use Collect@Net to submit a case of late payment and leave it to our collection specialists to resolve for you, quickly and easily. You’ll benefit from direct communication with your Atradius Collections contact and will be able to monitor your case's updates online.

Collect@Net is available 24/7 globally. That means you’ll be kept up-to-date on your case's progress in real time, wherever you are in the world. This can be particularly beneficial when your debtor is located in a different time zone.

Debt collection management online: Your benefits

  • Access Collect@Net in 16 languages
  • Tap into our global expertise, including sector and market expertise and knowledge of local legislation
  • Monitor individual debtors through detailed and fully downloadable case histories
  • Simplify your credit management administration
  • Customise and download management information in the format that best suits your operational needs (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Increase efficiency through features such as bulk upload, which enables you to submit multiple collection cases in one go.

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