Facts and Figures

We’re one of the world’s leading commercial debt collection agencies. Here’s a summary of our business, including our global size, length of history, success rates and financial strength rating.

Atradius Collections at a glance

Length of operations

  • We have gathered experience since the year 1925

Global size and reach

  • We provide commercial debt collection support throughout 96% of countries worldwide
  • We’re present in 28 countries
  • We support more than 10,000 customers
  • We handle  80,000 cases of commercial debt on average every year

Our global avg. success rate is 79,3%

This figure is based on closed cases in 2014-2016, which includes recovery of all amicable domestic debts of age between 30 and 180 days old and amounts between 500 and 100 000 Euro, excluding withdrawn and insolvency cases.

Whether the debt is domestic or foreign, we have an extensive network of collections agencies (480+) and collectors, who speak your debtors language and understand the local collections norms and requirements.

Our avg. success rate in the UK is 70,9%

This figure is based on closed amicable cases between the year 2014 and 2016, excluding withdrawn and insolvency cases.  The respective cases involved debts of up to 100 000 Euros in value and up to 180 days overdue.

Financial strength rating

Our financial strength rating has been listed by ratings agencies A.M. Best as A (excellent) with a stable outlook, and Moody’s as A3 with a stable outlook. This confirms our strong operational performance and stability.

Agency A.M. Best Moody’s
Rating A (excellent), outlook stable A3, outlook stable
Last update September 2017 July 2017
Website A.M. Best website Moody’s website



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