We are your strategic partner in B2B accounts receivable management. Ready to support you at any stage of your order-to-cash cycle.

From dunning letters, amicable collections to formal litigation, our debt collection products and professionals support you across all time zones, currencies, jurisdictions and languages.

Outsourcing accounts receivable

Our Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to create a customised dunning cycle, or pick from our standard solutions.

Amicable Debt Collections

We help you promote and retain positive working relationships with your customers by providing non-contentious solutions through our amicable commercial debt collection services.

amicable collections

Legal Collections

Atradius Legal Collections helps you take action against your debtor, wherever they are in the world. We provide professional advice, expected outcomes and access to a global network of lawyers.

Legal Collections

Invoice Checking

Our Invoice Checking service is designed to support factoring companies by helping them to scrutinise invoices, including looking into the commitment and ability of the customer to pay.

Invoice Checking  invoice verification Invoice Checking service invoice verification

Standby Servicing

Our Standby Service monitors your financed portfolio. It automatically activates collection activities once a trigger event occurs, providing you with our local and international collection expertise.

standby services

Insolvency Services

As a global debt collection firm with a worldwide network of lawyers and experienced professionals we are well placed to make claims on your behalf against bankrupt debtors wherever they are located.

Insolvency Services Debt collection for bankrupt clients client is bankrupt


Collect@Net is an online platform that enables you to access our debt collection expertise and to monitor the progress of our collection activities.

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How We Collect Outstanding Debts in 7 steps

The financial health of your business is our priority. Discover how we collect outstanding debts worldwide.

How AC collect outstanding debts