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We collect B2B debts for 15 000
companies worldwide.

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We are 100% committed to providing our customers with the best collection services possible

  • We serve around 15,000 customers every year
  • We handle over 90,000 debt cases annually
  • Easy to use online debt collection system
  • Our skilled collectors are experts in the local law and practices
  • Having us collect your debts is the most cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings

 atradius collections is present in more than 30 countries

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*You need to be a business entity in order to make use of our services.
*We only collect commercial debts - both you and your debtor(s) need to be business entities. We DO NOT collect personal debts.
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Less then 5 debt cases a year?

Try our new online debt collection platform. It takes just 1 minute to receive a quote. Follow a few easy steps and provide us with details about the debt. You will see an instant obligation-free quote based on the information you provide.




Tailored collection approach

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We work closely with you to seek the quickest and most appropriate solution for you, so that you maintain confidence in your business operations. 

Quick payments

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Our automated domestic and cross-border accounting processes enable the prompt payment of multi-currency collected monies into your accounts. 

15k clients

There were cases where we were simply unable to collect debts. But right away, Atradius Collections achieved impressive results. Like HP Inc., Atradius Collections operates worldwide, so it knows the laws, regulations and culture in each region and each country.

Alex Gasca, HP Inc.

Having one single person as a permanent contact makes for a very effective working relationship. This person knows our company very well.



Stefan Craciun, Colt Technology Services

How AC collect outstanding debts

What can you expect from us

Your company’s financial health is our priority, our debt collection specialists are located throughout the world to support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency and language.

Discover how easy it is to place a debt with us and start your collection process!

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Learn more

Handbook magazine

Debt Collections Handbook

The International Debt Collections Handbook is a key tool for businesses when it comes to making decisions concerning collections in foreign countries.

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HP Inc. Case Study

In 2008, collecting debts from B2B customers took an unwanted toll on the HP Inc.’s resources and the success rate was disappointing. HP decided to outsource these difficult cases to Atradius Collections.

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