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APAC companies more proactive with overdue receivables


28 Okt 2015

Companies in Asia Pacific react sooner to delayed payments and are willing to use additional methods to achieve results.

Structural preventive solution for late payments


21 Apr 2015

Atradius Collections launches First Party Collection, a service allowing companies to outsource accounts receivable management just after due date.

Atradius Collections changes the factoring market


08 Dez 2014

As one of the first cost effective and simple services to be introduced in the factoring industry, Atradius Collections creates a breakthrough with Invoice Verification service.

APAC and Americas regions adapting more proactive debt


29 Okt 2014

The latest Global Collections Review survey conducted by Atradius Collections reveals that companies in the APAC and the Americas regions seem to be most proactive in recovering payments.

Debt collection services in Southern and Eastern Europe


19 Jun 2014

Frequently when selling on credit terms, mainly with domestic receivables - European companies experience delays in invoice payments due to liquidity constraints. In order to prevent losses and incre


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