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Recover your debts worldwide

We recover B2B debts in 30+ countries

We recover your business debts in the most efficient and cost-effective way without the need to go to court. Our professional collectors always take the most effective approach to recover your invoices regarding your situation and the local law.

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Debt Collections (B2B)

We recover your business debts in the most efficient and cost-effective way without the need to go to court.

Legal Collections

Atradius Legal Collections helps you take action against your debtor, wherever they are in the world. We provide professional advice, expected outcomes and access to a global network of lawyers.

Outsourcing Accounts Receivable

Receiving payments on time can be challenging. Our outsourcing accounts receivable solution offers support where, when and how you need it.

Insolvency Services

As a global debt collection firm with a worldwide network of lawyers and experienced professionals we are well placed to make claims on your behalf against bankrupt debtors wherever they are located.

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Download the International Debt Collections Handbook 2019

Get the 13th edition of the International Debt Collections Handbook, it now  includes 48 countries!

Through this Handbook, Atradius Collections supports your business by providing vital information to guide you in selecting the right approach to international debt collection. We offer specific debt collection approaches with the high level of detail needed to navigate the complexities of international debt.

Handbook magazine

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Our business is built on providing the very best level of support for our customers.

Regional Head

Quintus Deken

Quintus Deken
Regional Head South East Asia

Quintus Deken, as the Regional Head of Atradius Collections in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, is responsible for managing Collections operations, sales and regional expansion of the business across Asia and Oceania. He joined Atradius Collections as the Country Manager for Singapore and South East Asia in January 2018 and was subsequently promoted to his current position in January 2020.

Quintus started his career as a debt collector at a collections agency part of ING Group N.V. in the Netherlands. He then joined Randstad Nederland B.V. as a Team Leader within the Credit Management department. He then re-joined the ING Group N.V. and held several leadership roles within the Commercial and Legal Collections Department of ING’s factoring division. Prior to joining Atradius Collections, Quintus worked for Aon Netherlands as Trade Credit Consultant and was promoted to Head of Trade Credit for Aon in Hong Kong in 2012.

Quintus holds a bachelor degree in Management Economics and Law from the Amsterdam Business School.

Operations Manager

Lindy Wong

Lindy Wong
Operations Manager South East Asia

Lindy Wong is the Operations Manager for Atradius Collections South East Asia and has been working for Atradius Collections for over 8 years.

Lindy works with her team to contact debtors, arrange repayment plans and recover debts. She has over 17 years’ credit risk and collections experience and earns the trust of her clients by providing regular updates and solutions for recovering debts quickly.

Lindy was promoted to Operations Manager in 2015 and has since been responsible for leading, training and guiding collection officers across Singapore and Jakarta.  

She started as a Credit Analyst at Motorola managing regional accounts for South East Asia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, handling financial instruments, letters of credit, credit limit applications, shipment management and collections. She then joined Atradius Collections as a Collector in charge of collections for South East Asia. Lindy then progressed to an Assistant Manager for LG Electronics, (Regional Headquarters) in charge of their Asia Pacific account receivables, cash management and compliance requirements before she re-joined Atradius Collections in 2013.

Lindy has a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy and Finance.

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Debt Collections Handbook Hong Kong 2019

Debt Collection Handbook

  • Hong Kong
  • Agriculture,
  • Automotive/Transport,

9th September 2019

Handbook magazine

Having drawn from the expertise of Atradius Collections' local offices, the International Debt Collections Handbook explains the different regulations and procedures for debt collections in Hong Kong.

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