First Party Collections

Receiving payments on time can be challenging. Our outsourcing accounts receivables solution offer support where, when and how you need it.










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Outsource Your Business’ Accounts Receivables

With a robust accounts receivables process, the majority of outstanding invoices will not turn into business debts. However, it can be a challenge for businesses to stay on top of account receivables, for example in regions where you don’t have people who speak the language. We create a custom-made solution based on your business' needs, that put you back in control.

With our support, your business can:

Reduce DSO and lower the aging bracket





























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Businesses run more smoothly when cash flow is in order. We move incremental changes to reduce your DSO, ensure fast billing cycles, so that your business remains liquid.

Overcome language barriers in smaller markets







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Finding and retaining people with the knowledge and language capabilities that you need can be difficult. We have well trained Accounts Receivables Managers in every corner of the world, that speak the local language and know the local culture.

Ensure continuity and flexibility in credit control activities




























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We chase outstanding invoices earlier to prevent problems with bad debts later – Which means your AR overdue decreases. The combination of our credit management software and trained staff ensure that customers pay on time, every time.

Our Services
















































First Party Collections
















































We tailor our First Party solutions to your needs.
We can include some or all of the following services in our tailored offering, in line with your needs and in the language of your customers.

Reminder calls
Contacting your customers shortly after due date

Dunning letters
Staying on top of your dunning cycle through dunning letters

Inbound service
Answering inbound calls concerning your Accounts Receivables in the language you require

Dispute registration
Logging, assigning and reporting reasons of non-payments

We also offer:

  • Pre-calling
  • Payment plan monitoring
  • Outbound reminder calls


  • Collect letter service
  • Portfolio overview
  • Risk prevention







If an invoice remains unpaid despite all efforts, our professional Debt Collections team is well-placed to escalate collection processes, from initial Amicable Collection activities through to Legal Collection if necessary.

Let’s find a solution

































































In order to ensure you receive a solution that fits your needs, we analyse different aspects of your Accounts Receivables process. These include:

  • Processes: to determine which processes fit best to your AR portfolio
  • System: to determine the best way to set up the system to service your portfolio
  • Portfolio: to determine what your portfolio looks like
  • People: to figure out what kind of AR experts can best service your portfolio.

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