Insolvency Services

As a global debt collection firm with a worldwide network of lawyers and experienced professionals we are well placed to make claims on your behalf against bankrupt debtors wherever they are located.


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Making claims against domestic and international bankruptcies


Insolvency Services



If your customer goes bankrupt before they have paid for your goods or services, you should be able to minimise your losses through the bankruptcy process. However, bankruptcy procedures are often lengthy and cumbersome and can include an added level of complexity when dealing with a debtor located abroad.

Our experienced team of insolvency professionals and lawyers are located throughout the world to support you in both domestic and international claims.

Our Insolvency Services can provide you with:

  • Guidance and support through the various international claims processes
  • Swift action – when a company goes into liquidation, it is important to place your claim quickly to increase the chance of settlement
  • Making a claim – we will make a claim on your behalf, monitor progress and provide you up ongoing reports
  • Removing the barriers associated with international insolvencies such as differing legislation, language and local procedures

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