Channel Partner & Broker Services

We recognize the importance of our partners, and we offer a number of different schemes from strategic partnerships through to revenue share schemes.

Here at Atradius Collections we recognize how important our partners are when they are referring clients who use our services.

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Refer and Earn with Atradius Collections

We have a number of difference schemes from strategic partnerships through to revenue share schemes.

We have the potential for bespoke landing pages on the Atradius website, shared marketing, website API’s etc.

We work with a number of different types of business ranging from Credit insurance brokers, through to SME funders, solicitors and other Debt collection agencies who use our export collection capabilities while concentrating themselves on the domestic market.

Our broker incentive scheme

We want to continously reward our Broker's efforts in referring us non-insured debts. That is why we have doubled the commission offered on the scheme, from 5% to 10% commision on collected revenues.

How does the scheme work?

Contact Matthew Coates today to get set up as an official referral partner!

We can then track any leads through our database and set up a bespoke landing page on the Atradius Collections Website.

Matthew Coates

Matthew Coates