Global B2B debt collection

No Business is immune to the risks of unpaid invoices. That is why Atradius Collections provide collection services for domestic and international debt.

Atradius Collections covers 96% of the globe and have over 90 years’ experience. We can help your organisation, wherever you trade.

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How does Atradius Debt Collections benefit your business?

Our dynamic advantage is our global offices. We are able to work with you from one central location, or through each individual country. However, our own expert teams, who have local jurisdiction to carry out the debt collection work.  This removes any complications associated with time zone, language or local payment culture, which will significantly increase your chances of recovering the money owed to you.

We can help you:

  • Increase business cash flow
  • Support your Order to Cash (O2C) process
  • Provide global support to your shared services centres
  • Minimise any trade losses
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Save time chasing bad debt
  • Free up internal resource to focus on other areas  
  • Obtain visibility on the health of your ledger
  • Track overall performance through detailed reports and your designated account manager


Working with your debtors wherever they are in the world

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Atradius Collections can support your credit control process and help you to avoid poor cash flow.

If you have exhausted your credit control process with no success then involving Atradius Collections can significantly increase your chances of recovering the money owed to your business. An early escalation to us will allow your team to focus on core business activities whilst utilising the skills and experience of a market leading debt collection agency. We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes, if you require global support to a shared service centre or support to a local team then we are here to help. Atradius Collections are the chosen debt collection partner to some of the worlds’ largest and most successful businesses’

Integrated commercial collection solutions to optimise your cash flow

Upon notification of non-payment, Atradius Collections act quickly to increase the chances of recovery. We take full control on the recovery which allows you to focus on other areas of your business or free up internal resource, you can monitor existing cases or place new cases through our online portal Collect@Net. Our integrated IT platform is used by all of our teams globally, meaning that all your account activity is stored in one place.

Swift international payment of collected debts directly to your accounts

You never have to wait long to receive your recovered funds. Our automated domestic and cross-border accounting processes enable the prompt payment of multi-currency collected monies into your accounts. This ensures international money transfers are made without delay.

Expert support throughout all stages of debt collection

With our international network of locally based collection professionals, we provide debt collection services in 96% of the world’s countries. Whether it is a domestic or an international debtor, we are able to resolve outstanding debt issues in their own languages while complying with local laws and practices.

Order to cash cycle debt collections

Order to cash

We support you throughout the all stages of debt collection, from outsourcing accounts receivable, disputed registration and resolution, to the monitoring of payment plans and collection of payments. If the amicable approach proves ineffective, we are able to escalate debt recovery proceedings quickly and professionally while providing you options for legal action.

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