International Debt Collections Handbook

A key tool for businesses to approach debt collections abroad.
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What is the International Debt Collections Handbook?

The International Debt Collections Handbook is an annual publication that explains in detail the diversity and complexity of international commercial debt collections.

This includes the financial regulations and different stages of collections, ranging from amicable settlement, legal proceedings to insolvency procedures, in 50+ countries worldwide.

Why should you get the International Debt Collections Handbook?

Thousands of businesses receiving the International Debt Collections Handbook regard it as an invaluable and high-demand tool for decision making. They are of the opinion that:

  • Knowledge of the amicable collection process and country-specific legislation surrounding collections is vital
  • Information regarding local expertise ensures that businesses follow a professional and successful collection approach
  • No business is immune to the risks associated with international trade and can be exposed to poor payment behaviour.

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