International Debt Collections Handbook

Manual de Cobrança de Dívida Internacional

  • Argentina,
  • Austrália,
  • Agricultura,
  • Automotiva / Transporte,

13 Out 2020

Handbook magazine

The International Debt Collections Handbook is a key tool for businesses when it comes to making decisions concerning collections in foreign countries.

Relatórios de Cobrança de Dívidas

Acesse dados de cobrança de dívidas globais com publicações da Atradius Collections, incluindo o Manual de Cobrança de Dívida Internacional, Cobranças Globais e Relatórios de Tendências da Indústria.

Previsão de performance da indústria

Acesse um panorama atual da situação de crédito e risco e performance de negócios das 14 maiores empresas no seu país. A previsão é baseada na avaliação dos analistas da Atradius.

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    Country Report Morocco - April 2021

    Relatório de país

    • Marrocos
    • Económico geral

    14 Abr 2021

    The economy is forecast to grow about 5% this year. The scope of recovery in Europe as Morocco’s main export market is playing a pivotal role.

    Israel - UAE trade normalisation

    Nota económica

    • Emirados Árabes Unidos
    • Económico geral

    01 Abr 2021

    The recent normalisation of diplomatic and trade relations between Israel and the UAE will unlock mutual trade opportunities

    Country Report Indonesia March 2021

    Relatório de país

    • Indonésia
    • Económico geral

    30 Mar 2021

    An economic rebound of more than 4% expected in 2021, but vulnerability to to global financial market turmoil remains an issue

    Country Report Turkey March 2021

    Relatório de país

    • Turquia
    • Económico geral

    25 Mar 2021

    Turkey's economic policy at the crossroads again, while lira volatility and high inflation remain key issues, and non-performing loans increase

    2021: A turn of the tide in insolvencies

    Nota económica

    • Austrália,
    • Áustria,
    • Económico geral

    24 Mar 2021

    As fiscal support is gradually phased out, global corporate insolvencies are forecast to increase by 26% in 2021

    Country Report Poland March 2021

    Relatório de país

    • Polônia
    • Económico geral

    18 Mar 2021

    Poland's economy: a solid 3.8% growth outlook in 2021 and rebound of some industries, while credit risk for transport, retail and services remains high

    Country Report China March 2021

    Relatório de país

    • China
    • Económico geral

    09 Mar 2021

    China's economy: a strong rebound forecast in 2021, but ongoing Sino-US trade disputes and increasing political strains with the US remain a downside risk

    Country Report Russia March 2021

    Relatório de país

    • Rússia
    • Económico geral

    04 Mar 2021

    Major structural weaknesses weigh on growth prospects

    Country Report Mexico, March 2021

    Relatório de país

    • México
    • Económico geral

    04 Mar 2021

    Only a modest economic rebound expected in 2021 after a steep recession last year

    Country Report USA 2021

    Relatório de país

    • EUA
    • Económico geral

    08 Fev 2021

    A robust economic rebound expected in 2021, but major downside risks remain