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Den bedste måde vi kan hjælpe jeres virksomhed på, er at forstå jeres mål og udfordringer. Lær hvordan vi arbejder tæt sammen med vores kunder og hvad de siger om os.








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Colt Technology Services

Colt Technology Services expect the best from their business partners. Three years ago, unhappy with their existing supplier, the company chose Atradius Collections to handle their debt management.








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Hewlett Packard Inc.

In 2008, Hewlett Packard had a problem.  Collecting debts  from B2B customers or  non-responsive customers took an unwanted toll on the organisation’s resources and the success rate was disappointing. So HP decided to outsource these difficult cases to Atradius Collections.










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TIM SA's decision to focus on their e-commerce segment, moving away from the traditional wholesale network model, created a challenge in the management of their customers' overdue invoices. Find out why they decided to make use of Atradius Collections for the management of their accounts receivables.

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Gennem vores udenretslige inkassoprocesser hjælper vi jer med at fremme og bevare de gode relationer, I har opbygget til jeres kunder.

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Den internationale inkassohåndbog er et afgørende værktøj når der skal træffes den rigtige beslutning om inkasso i udlandet.

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Find svar på de hyppigste stillede spørgsmål angående vores service og inkassoproces.


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