Amicable Debt Collection

We help you cultivate and retain positive working relationships with your customers by providing non-contentious solutions through our amicable debt collection services.

The moment a trade invoice becomes overdue is the time one should start chasing payment. At Atradius Collections, we recognise this early stage of debt collection and can provide a valuable opportunity for you to enhance your relationship with your customer. Simple repayment plans or negotiations brokered locally to your customers often yield the best debt recovery results while preventing expensive litigation.

How Amicable Debt Collections can benefit your business














































Amicable Debt Collections














































  • Our professional team understands and promote the value of your ongoing business relationships.
  • We are proactive in seeking amicable solutions.
  • By outsourcing the debt recovery process to us, you are able to focus on your core business.
  • We work closely with you to achieve the outcome you want.
  • Our professional team are always ready to support you through disputed resolution and litigation.


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Debt collection made easy with Atradius:














































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Working with your debtors wherever they are in the world

With our international network of locally based collection professionals, we provide debt collection services in 96% of the world’s countries. Whether it is a domestic or an international debtor, we are able to resolve outstanding debt issues in their own languages while complying with local laws and practices.


























































































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Integrated commercial collection solutions to optimise your cash flow

We act promptly on receipt of notifications of non-payment, regardless of time zones, freeing your business from the effort and resource needed to chase unpaid invoices or monitor payment plans across time zones, languages, customs and jurisdictions. You can monitor your account at any time or any place convenient for you via our online portals.


























































































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Swift international payment of collected debts directly to your accounts

You never have to wait long to receive your recovered funds.
Our automated domestic and cross-border accounting processes enable the prompt payment of multi-currency collected monies into your accounts. This ensures international money transfers are made without delay.


























































































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Expert support throughout debt collection proceedings

We support you throughout the all stages of debt collection, from outsourcing accounts receivable, disputed registration and resolution, to the monitoring of payment plans and collection of payments. If the amicable approach proves ineffective, we are able to escalate debt recovery proceedings quickly and professionally while providing you options for legal action.


Discover the 9 key steps in our debt collection process.

We divide our debt collection process in three simple stages:

  • Prior to collection
  • During collection
  • Upon successful collection