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We are 100% committed to providing our customers with the best collection services possible

Atradius Collections speaks your language, as well as your customer's language, and we understand local cultures and processes. Our local expertise, a genuinely global mindset, transparent pricing and standardized processes are the building blocks of a seamless delivery and results for your business.

Atradius Collections...

  • Has a global success rate of 79,3%
  • Covers 96% of world’s countries
  • Has offices in 28 countries
  • Handles over 80 000 cases worldwide annually
  • Is supported by 350 collection specialists globally
  • Services over 10 000 customers around the world
  • Is connected to 480+ agencies and law firms globally

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Whether a domestic or international debtor, we’re able to resolve most outstanding debt issues in their own language and in keeping with local laws and practices. Simply the act of outsourcing the debt recovery process to us enables you to carry on with your business.

Our clients:

84% state that they would work with us again

82% confirmed that their requests were handled well and with care by our customer service team

Having one single person as a permanent contact makes for a very effective working relationship. This person knows our company very well.

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Colt Technology Services

Learn about international B2B debt collection proceedings

Handbook magazine

The International Debt Collections Handbook is an annual publication that explains the diversity and complexity of country-specific debt collection approaches in detail. This includes the different stages of amicable settlement, financial regulations around collections, legal proceedings and insolvency procedures in more than 40 countries.

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Amicable Collections - Case Study

“They’re also well known in the market and have a very good reputation. They know how to combine their high-quality services with a very open, highly professional relationship with their clients." Stefan Craciun, Colt Technology Services

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Manage your debt collections online

Collect@Net is the most integrated collections platform in the industry and provides a secure and efficient online system through which you can monitor and manage your debt collection cases as our customer, factor or partner.


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