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With over 90 years of experience and 30+ offices worldwide, Atradius Collections is committed to supporting shared services centres (SSC), global business services (GBS), and business process outsourcing (BPO). We have customers globally and manage over 90,000 cases per year.

Solutions for all industries

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From the point we handed over cases to Atradius Collections, the work and the hours put into them dropped close to zero. There were lots of cases and the success rate of Atradius Collections was very high. We've been renewing the partnership for more than 10 years.

Alex Gasca
HP Inc.
Alex Gasca, Global Default and Recovery Manager

Benefits of partnering with us

Increased capacity

  • High impact. Manage all customers while your workloads are reduced.

  • Global reach, local touch. Gain access to our global network of 480+ collections experts and lawyer firms.

  • Peace of mind. Know that Atradius Collections is committed to reducing overdues and DSO.

  • Happy stakeholders. Rest assured that Atradius Collections is committed to recovering difficult debts.

Standardised processes

  • Congruence. Establish one way of working for all countries.


  • Quality credit management. Get compliant, high-quality collections globally.


  • Detailed reporting. Have collections reports customised to requirements.


  • Efficiency. Have one point of contact for your entire portfolio.

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*We only collect commercial debts - both you and your debtor(s) need to be business entities. We do not collect personal debts.
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Přečtěte si informace o řízení mezinárodních úvěrů a rady pro finanční profesionály pracující v centrech sdílených služeb (SSC), globálních podnikových službách (GBS) a outsourcingu podnikových procesů (BPO).

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Příručka o mezinárodním vymáhání pohledávek je klíčovým nástrojem pro podniky při rozhodování o vymáhání pohledávek B2B v cizích zemích.