"Our collections experience with Atradius Collections has been very good in terms of both results and the support we have received."

Paul Brunner, CICP Corporate Collection Manager, Mitsubishi Electric

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Get the 13th edition of the International Debt Collections Handbook, it now  includes 48 countries!

Through this Handbook, Atradius Collections supports your business by providing vital information to guide you in selecting the right approach to international debt collection. We offer specific debt collection approaches with the high level of detail needed to navigate the complexities of international debt.

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First Party Collections

Receiving payments on time can be challenging. Our outsourcing accounts receivable solution offers support where, when and how you need it.

Legal Collections

Atradius Legal Collections helps you take action against your debtor, wherever they are in the world. We provide professional advice, expected outcomes and access to a global network of lawyers.

Invoice Checking

Our Invoice Checking service is designed to support factoring companies by helping them to scrutinise invoices, including looking into the commitment and ability of the customer to pay.

Amicable Debt Collections

We help you cultivate and retain positive working relationships with your customers by providing non-contentious solutions through our amicable debt collection services.

Insolvency Services

As a global debt collection firm with a worldwide network of lawyers and experienced professionals we are well placed to make claims on your behalf against bankrupt debtors wherever they are located.

Standby Servicing

Our Standby Service monitors your financed portfolio. It automatically activates collection activities once a trigger event occurs, providing you with our local and international collection expertise.

Online debt collection

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The first ever online e-commerce debt recovery platform is now available to you.

With our new recovery online system, you can now:

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  • Monitor our collection progress and contact your case manager online

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How we work with you

Our business is built on providing the very best level of support for our customers.

Sales & Business Development Manager

Ivor Miric

Ivor Miric
I see my role as a Goal keeper, ensuring the ball never reaches the net so our customers don’t lose.

What you can expect from an Atradius Account Manager:

Working in collections sometimes means delivering bad news to customers, if buyers are insolvent. However, as our business relationships are built on trust, our customers understand that we do everything to minimize any potential loss. I enjoy providing our customers with information they may not be previously aware of.

My core responsibility is to further develop & strengthen relationships with our customers, brokers, insurance & re-insurance partners within South East Asia whilst advising our partners & customers on how to best mitigate any potential losses they may face. As S.E.A is one of the largest cross boarder trading hubs, I conduct trainings & presentations to our customers about how Atradius Collections can assist with their bad debts around the globe.

Forming relationships with our customers that are based on trust is very important to me. S.E.A has a wide variety of languages & cultures however trust is built face to face. Respecting and understanding our customers contribute to Atradius Collection's unique insights into the region.

Sales Manager

(en_SG)[panel] HWW - Sales Manager - Verlyn Yeo

Verlyn Yeo
Providing a key success to all business

What you can expect from an Atradius Sales Manager:

Atradius can provide every client’s need with various products and services, which offer greater protection to their business and help them, grow without worry. I see us as an important business partner in helping companies in their expansions and protect them from unexpected risks. I work toward providing key success to many businesses across different industries whether they are large or small businesses.

I keep very close relationships with most of my clients, especially key clients. I find it important to help clients receive the best solution in one package, whilst building stronger relationships and trust. I strive for our client gaining the best results and receiving the best service from us. It’s my job to show them how they could protect their businesses and manage risks and be a partner to them in expanding their business.

I came to realize that I enjoy what I do, not just sales, but the acquiring of accounts, managing and building up accounts under a range of Atradius Collections services. I especially enjoy the business development and relationship building, when I wrap up and debts are collected.


Vikas Malik - Atradius Collections

Vikas Malik
I do my work with full dedication.

What you can expect from an Atradius Collector:

Atradius Collectors are responsible for coordinating the debt collection process. We are usually based in the region of the debtor and are proactive in maximizing the amount of debt we collect.

My primary focus is to build a relationship with my clients, treating them with respect and making them feel comfortable so that I can maximise my support by becoming a trusted partner. This includes responding promptly to their queries, anticipating their needs and being a good listener.

Account Manager

Armand Hessels

Armand Hessels
Helping my customers is really motivating.

What you can expect from an Atradius Account Manager:

Every client of Atradius Collections is assigned with a dedicated Account Manager. In addition to providing a single point of contact to support you in your journey through the debt collection process, I help co-ordinate the Atradius Collection services to make sure we optimise our approach for you. We can leverage information from our broad network of contacts and make you aware of current global market situations.

My core responsibility is maintain and develop relationship with customers and partners and to achieve tangible results. In addition to making sure you get your money as promptly and hassle-free as possible, I also help my clients manage their finances by minimising risk or write-offs. For example, I help identify where our support may yield positive results, as well as providing insight into debt prevention.

I take pride in getting to know my clients well. I pursue a practical approach, and work hard to build a relationship based on results as well as mutual respect and understanding. Being able to assist customers and improve their situation to me personally is really motivating. Going through this process in an international environment brings a lot of joy.

Legal Collector

Mark Niewold

Mark Niewold
My drive is to achieve good results for the client.

What you can expect from an Atradius Legal Expert:

As a trader you have the right to be paid for your goods and services. You have the law, and our team of in-house Lawyers and Partners, on your side.

Cases that need to be resolved through litigation can be a complex, especially with disputes involving international trade, where it’s important to comply with local legislation. It’s my task to make sure your company is compliant with local laws, while maximising the results and providing you with complete oversight of costs.

The advice we provide will vary from country to country and even case to case dependent on individual need. What remains constant, however, is our commitment to get to know your company and aims. We believe we can provide you with the best legal support if we work closely with you and build strong relationships focused on achieving your aims.

My drive is to achieve good results for the client. This doesn’t always mean collecting the full 100 % as, sometimes it’s better for our client to reach a settlement where all parties are happy (even the debtor).

Client Relations Representative

Petra van Vorstenbosch

Petra van de Vorstenbosch
Excellent service delivery is key!

What do you expect from an Atradius Client Relation Representative:

I am mainly responsible for the export portfolio of my clients. This means that I am the link between my clients and my colleagues in our foreign offices. I need to make sure that my colleagues are provided with all the information they need in order to proceed with collections, and that my clients are kept updated about their cases.

I  prefer to meet my clients face to face as for me this seems to be the best way of building a relationship. Furthermore it’s very important to know what my client’s needs are in order to serve them in the best possible way and manage expectations where necessary.

For me it is very important that my clients are happy about our service delivery. I want to know what is important for my client so I can try to fulfil their needs and look for solutions.

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Payment Practices Barometer Singapore 2016

Payment Practices Barometer

  • Singapore
  • Agriculture,
  • Automotive/Transport,

19th October 2016

Business meeting

Despite no variation in either domestic or foreign late payment rates, the average 46 days DSO recorded in Singapore is six days longer than last year.

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