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Discover the 9 key steps to our debt collection process

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Placing a debt

1. Start with a FREE quote






















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Once you’ve identified a problematic debt, do not hesitate to place a debt with us. The older the debt, the trickier it is to collect!

You can easily get a free quote via our online system, including all potential costs. If satisfied with our offer, you may proceed to place a debt online.

2. Submit a case

Easily submit your debt collection case(s) via our online system.
Submit your company name, the name of debtor, details of the debt and supporting documentation. The more supporting documentation you provide, the better.

Debt recovery process

3. Case assigned to collector















 Assign to a collector















It can be easier for your clients to discuss their debt in their mother tongue. That’s why we have professional collectors in 30 countries worldwide, who are experienced in local collections procedures, legal processes, cultures and speak the same language as your debtor. They also understand legal factors and collections procedures in their locale. These factors usually lead to greater success in debt recovery.

4. Contact debtor for payment

Using structured telephone calls, emails and letters, we’ll endeavor to swiftly recover your money from a debtor! We also trace them by other available means, if necessary.

5. Evaluation of collection progress
































After contacting your debtor on several occasions, we evaluate the collection progress and amend the process accordingly.
Taking into consideration responsiveness of a debtor(s), the amount of debt and the debtor’s financial position we may continue with the initial collection approach or seek another course of action.
We may propose a payment plan, which is often effective while preserving positive relationship with your debtor. In other cases, we may consider legal action or insolvency monitoring.

6. Regular Case Updates

You can stay informed with real time updates on the progress of your case(s) online by logging into your own personal dashboard in our online system Agora. Your dedicated case manager will always be available to you for questions or concerns, and may contact you for additional information or approval for certain procedures during the collection process.

Successful debt collection





















7. Debt Paid in Full / Installments


Once we recover your debt, we reimburse you in part or in full minus our collection costs. Our aim is to collect your debts in an efficient and prompt manner, while preserving your valued business relationships with customers! In some countries,  if permitted by law , we attempt to recover the costs directly from the debtor.







































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Happy with your quote? Submit your cases whenever you're ready and monitor our collections progress online  via your personalized dashboard.

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