5 pillars of strong cash flow and sustainable margins

Gina Delo, our Strategic Account Manager, shared crucial advice on how to improve cash flow and maintain sustainable profit margins in the food and beverage industry.

 I work with many companies in the food and beverage industy. The industy has been effected by the current climate, with some companies being positively impacted, and some negatively.

Geogina Delo

Gina Delo

Georgina Delo
Atradius Collections, Strategic Account Manager

Key Takeaways

Pillar 1: Define meaningful metrics

It is essential to use the metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) that align with your organisation's business objectives and reflect the main factors impacting your cash flow. They will show you a comprehensive picture of the state of your cash flow and where you can improve it on a regular basis.

Pillar 2: Develop sensible credit policies

Credit policy is an essential tool that gives structure to businesses and lays the foundations for profitable trade. By indicating the terms, circumstances, and customers to whom certain amounts of credit should be offered, credit policies walk a fine line between profitability and bad debts.


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