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Our Debt Collection Services

We offer comprehensive B2B debt collection services designed to improve your business's financial health through effective and ethical recovery methods. Below are the specific services we provide:

Amicable B2B Debt Collections

Our amicable debt collection services prioritize maintaining positive relationships while efficiently recovering outstanding debts.

Accounts Receivable Solutions

We provide robust accounts receivable management to ensure timely payments and improve cash flow.

Legal Collections

Our legal collections team uses a global network of lawyers to pursue debts through legal channels when necessary.

For detailed information on our services, please visit the Atradius Collections Services page.

Effective Debt Collection Agency & Recovery Services

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, ensuring timely payments from clients, whether local or international, can pose challenges. Atradius Collections, a leading debt collection agency, provides tailored solutions to address these challenges, safeguarding the financial health of your enterprise.


Atradius Collections understands the importance of time in debt recovery. We quickly handle debt collection to improve your business's cash flow with our dedicated teams and efficient processes.


Atradius Collections maintains professionalism in debt collection, ensuring ethical practices protecting your client relationship.


Atradius Collections has more than 90 years of experience in global credit management. We have effective debt-collection solutions that give accurate results.


Transparency is critical in any financial transaction. At Atradius Collections, we maintain open communication, providing regular updates and comprehensive reports, ensuring you're always in the loop.

What is a debt collection company?

A debt collection agency, like Atradius Collections, specializes in recovering money that individuals or businesses still need to pay. We work on your behalf to collect unpaid debts and ensure a healthy cash flow.

Comprehensive services at Atradius Collections

At Atradius Collections, we offer various services for businesses of all sizes, customized to their specific needs. Our expertise spans over 90 years, and we've continually evolved to address the changing dynamics of the business world.

  • Amicable B2B Debt Collections: We prioritize maintaining and cultivating positive working relationships. Our amicable debt collection services are designed to recover debts without straining the relationship between businesses and their clients.

  • Accounts Receivable Solutions: Timely payments are crucial for any business's cash flow. We offer robust accounts receivable services that provide support exactly where, when, and how businesses need it.

  • Legal Collections: When amicable solutions don't yield results, our legal collections team steps in. With a global network of lawyers, we provide professional advice, expect outcomes, and ensure actions are taken against debtors, no matter where they are located.

  • Insolvency Services: Navigating the complexities of insolvency can be challenging. We leverage our worldwide network of professionals to make claims for our clients against bankrupt debtors, regardless of their geographical location.

Through our comprehensive services, we aim to be more than just a debt collection agency. We strive to partner in our clients' successes, ensuring their financial stability and growth in local and global markets.

How can you benefit from cooperation with a debt collection agency?

Engaging with a debt collection agency like Atradius can offer numerous advantages to businesses, both large and small. Here's how partnering with us can be beneficial for you:

Cost-effective solutions

Financial planning is crucial for any business; unexpected expenses can disrupt this. One of the primary benefits of working with us is our cost-effective fee structure. Clients don't need to allocate upfront funds for debt recovery efforts. Instead, our fee is a percentage of the amount collected. This model reduces initial costs and aligns our interests with yours.

Time efficiency

In the business world, time directly translates to money. Delays in recovering debts can lead to cash flow disruptions, affecting operations and growth.

At Atradius, we employ advanced tools and methodologies to expedite the debt collection process. For instance, our dedicated account managers utilize real-time tracking systems to monitor debtor responses, ensuring immediate follow-ups. Furthermore, our global presence allows us to operate across time zones, making phone calls and initiating contact from Monday to Thursday, ensuring continuous engagement with debtors.

Negotiation methods and skills

Effective negotiation goes beyond simple communication. Our team is trained in advanced negotiation techniques tailored for debt collection.

For instance, we employ debtor profiling to understand their financial situation and customize our approach accordingly. This could mean offering structured payment plans for debtors facing temporary financial hardships or leveraging information about a debtor's business practices to drive negotiations. Our team's ability to adapt and strategize on the fly has maintained a high collection rate.

The law is on our side

At Atradius, we have a dedicated legal team well-versed in both local and international debt collection laws. For example, suppose a UK-based client has a debtor in another country. In that case, our debt collection agency team collaborates with our global branches to ensure compliance with UK and foreign regulations.

Whether initiating court action, ensuring adherence to consumer credit regulations, or leveraging international treaties to facilitate cross-border debt collection, we ensure that every legal avenue is explored for the benefit of our clients.

The process of debt recovery in a debt collection agency

Whether it's a local business debt collection or a complex global debt collection scenario, the process involves multiple stages, each crucial in ensuring a successful recovery. At Atradius, we've honed this process over the years, ensuring that every step is optimized for the best possible outcomes.

Initial assessment

Every debt has unique characteristics, and understanding these is crucial for adequate recovery. At the outset, we delve deep into understanding the debt and its context.

This involves analyzing the nature of the transaction, the terms agreed upon, and any other relevant details. We then assess the debtor's financial situation, using tools and databases to gauge their ability to repay. This comprehensive analysis helps us determine the best approach for recovery, ensuring that our strategies are aligned with the specific nuances of each case.

Tailored recovery strategies

No debts are identical, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely yields optimal results. We believe in developing customized recovery plans tailored to the specifics of each case. This involves setting clear objectives and timelines ensuring that our team and clients have a clear roadmap for the recovery process.

A key component of our strategy formulation is debtor profiling. By understanding the debtor's behaviour, financial health, and other relevant factors, we can craft strategies more likely to result in successful debt collection.

Legal enforcement

While amicable solutions are always preferred, there are instances where legal action becomes necessary. In such cases, we meticulously evaluate the need for legal proceedings. Our team of experts initiates legal proceedings only when it's deemed the most effective approach. Throughout this process, we ensure strict compliance with relevant regulations, be it local laws or international standards, ensuring our clients' interests are always protected.

Client collaboration

Our clients are our partners in the debt recovery process. We believe in maintaining open communication channels, ensuring clients are always informed about the progress. Regular updates are provided, and we actively seek feedback and input. This approach ensures we quickly make any necessary changes to the recovery plan, matching the changing situation.

Continuous monitoring

The debt recovery landscape is dynamic, and staying ahead requires constant vigilance. We actively track debtor responses and payments, ensuring our strategies align with the ground realities. Our strategies are adjusted as situations evolve to maximise recovery while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Reporting and documentation

Transparency and accountability are pillars of our service ethos. We maintain detailed records of all interactions, ensuring a clear trail of all actions. Our clients receive comprehensive reports, providing insights into the recovery process and the outcomes achieved. This commitment to transparency ensures that our clients always have a clear picture of how their debts are managed.

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As debt collection specialists, we’ve heard most of the excuses businesses make when they fail to pay a bill. We know how to respond to this and how to exert the right level of pressure to maximise revenue collection.

Atradius Collections at a glance:

  • We serve around 15,000 customers every year
  • We handle over 90,000 debt cases annually
  • Easy to use online debt collection system
  • Our skilled collectors are experts in the local law and practices
  • We work closely with you to achieve the outcome you want
  • By assigning the debt recovery process to us, you are able to focus on your core business
  • Having us collect your debts is the most cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings

Amicable approach

We work hard to help you retain those trusted relationships that you have built up with your customers and our amicable recovery process has led to positive results for many businesses. 

Our professional team is there to support you through any debt collection challenges in the most cost-effective way possible.


Amicable Debt Collections


Atradius Collections - Debt Collection Agency

Tailored collection approach







 Debt Collection Agency - Tailored collection approach







We work closely with you to seek the quickest and most appropriate solution for you, so that you maintain confidence in your business operations. 

Quick payments



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Our automated domestic and cross-border accounting processes enable the prompt payment of multi-currency collected monies into your accounts. 


Wordwide collection




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Whether a domestic or international debtor, we’re able to resolve most outstanding debt issues in their own language and in keeping with local laws and practices.

Integrated collection systems



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We operate integrated collections network in the industry with the support of our worldwide IT infrastructure. With access to our online portal, you may monitor your account at any time and place convenient to you.




Accounts Receivable Services

Have your accounts receivable managed the way you want, in your name. Your ledger and customers are in good hands with our 90+ years of experience in global credit management. We create an accounts receivable strategy that tackles your challenges most effectively. Whether you need support with a high number of invoices or with customers in different countries, we can build a solution that gets results.

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