Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and debt collection process.

We have compiled those questions in no particular order to hopefully serve as a reference to others that have had the same questions in the past; this may alleviate long phone calls or emails and maybe just speed the process of inquiring about our services.



How do you recover outstanding debts?

Our amicable process consists of a combination of letters, email and calls.

How do you go about reaching the debtor?

We try to reach the debtor via fax, email, phone calls depending on the debtor information that is available for us.

Do you recover old debts?

We can attempt to recover older debts, however the older the debt becomes the lower chances of recovery.  Also note that some areas have limitations in age.

Can we place multiple cases with you?

Yes, using our online tool Collect@Net allows our clients to upload cases into our system. They can also upload multiple cases at once via bulk upload or single cases.

How does the legal action work?

If we are not successful if the amicable phase, the collector will assess the case for legal action based on financial status of the debtor, age of the debt, the likely cost of legal action, available documentation and likely chance of success.

How long do each case take?

Our amicable case handling typically lasts on average about 90 days. This can sometimes vary depending on the status of contacting the debtor which could be sooner or later.

Minimum amount threshold in order to collect?

There is no threshold for us to collect but depending on the amount of the debt with dictate the rate that we charge, it varies on the value band.

Charges if I don’t want to continue?

If you choose to withdraw the case against our recommendation during the amicable phase, a withdrawal fee may apply.  However, you can choose to close the file at the end of our amicable phase at no cost.

What are the upfront costs, if any?

There are no upfront costs, (for us there are upfront costs called introduction fees – Most countries should have these introduction fees in place)  We charge an introduction fee based on the location of the debtor. This is a one-off fee following by which we only charge commission on successful collection.

What is Collect@Net?

This is out online tool that helps our client place cases online with multiple bulk upload or single cases and be aware of anything that is happening on the case. This allows clients to access each case that they place, view the history and other features; they can also contact the collector working the case, if needed.

Who do I ask for updates?

You can either contact the collector that is handling the case in Collect@Net or by contacting the Client Relations Team that is assigned to each profile

What do you need from me?

When you place a case with us, we request as much information that you can provide typically we need invoices , contracts, and accurate debtor information as a must have; but also statement of accounts and other relevant documents would be helpful.

What are the services that you provide?

We have several services that we offer and can be tailored based on your needs.

Click here for the listing of our services.

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