Case study - TIM SA: Debt Collection in E-Commerce

How Atradius Collections helped TIM SA collect overdue receivables in the e-commerce industry

At a glance



Trade sector:

Electro-technical product distribution




To be the first Polish company in the industry to establish e-commerce sales channels


The company generates 70% of revenues from internet sales with the support of individual service from Atradius Collections

How we made it happen:

Atradius Collections' focus to keep on maintaining good relationships between creditors and debtors has meant that the majority of TIM SA’s debtors reinstitute cooperation after settling their debt

Atradius effectively supports us in the amicable collection of debts subject to insurance protection.

Krzysztof Folta TIM SA Krzysztof Folta

In 2013, TIM SA decided to focus on the e-commerce segment, moving away from the traditional wholesales network model. TIM SA now sells products from its online store – available on the web and in a mobile version. It was the first Polish company in the sector to make the transition to a web-based business model, and this shift was accompanied by high risk.

Supporting TIM SA

“Our cooperation with Atradius Collections started in May 2012,” Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM SA, explains. “Atradius effectively supports us in the amicable collection of debts subject to insurance protection.” In early 2017, Atradius Collections opened a law office within its own structure – Starzyński & Partners Law Office – offering debt recovery in court proceedings. Previously, an external law office had been used.

“The risk of adopting a web-based sales model was that some clients would cease cooperation with us, and this happened,” Folta continues. “Nevertheless, we managed to persuade the vast majority of our clients to try the new model, and, at the same time, we acquired many new clients. I believe that this was due to our focus on high-quality service and transparent rules for all clients.”

Understanding of a New Approach

As the first Polish company in the industry to sell its products online, TIM SA had a radical approach from the start. Products are available for business clients and individual customers to purchase without registering an account or logging in.

“We expect our partners to have an understanding of our approach and needs. A huge advantage of our cooperation with Atradius Collections is that every single case is handled from the beginning by a consultant we know. This individual service enables Atradius Collections to instantly identify our current needs. Additionally, it streamlines and simplifies communication, and allows prompt clarification of potential doubts,” Folta adds.

Effective & Efficient Collections

Today, with the support of its national network of client advisors, sales representatives, sales office employees and customer service hotline, TIM SA generates as much as 70% of its revenues from internet sales.

“We appreciate the employees of Atradius Collections for their knowledge, professional approach and effectiveness, even in the case of receivables overdue by several dozen days. They are effective, while taking care to maintain good relationships between creditors and debtors, the majority of whom reinstitute cooperation with us after settling their overdue debts.”

About TIM SA

TIM SA is the largest distributor of electro-technical products in Poland. The company has nearly 30 years of experience in the sector, combined with a state-of-the-art approach to sales.