Credit card payments

Credit card payments

We offer you the opportunity to pay your debt online via a large variety of payment methods including credit cards. For processing online payments and payment information we asked payment service provider (PSP) Adyen to process these transactions on our behalf. Your payment details will be sent safely to Adyen and will only be used to process the transaction. This information will never be disclosed or forwarded to third parties, nor used for commercial purposes.

Regarding credit cards, we would like to inform you about this:

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover (both business- and consumer cards);

  • At this moment we do not accept American Express cards;

  • When you pay with your credit card there are (transaction-) fees involved;
  • In some cases your card issuer / bank might even charge a fee directly towards you to convert your money;
  • Some banks offer holders of Visa or MasterCard an additional security measure in the form of a PIN code or (one-time) password. This measure tells both the bank and us that you are the  rightful owner or user of the card.
  • Contact your card issuer/ bank to be informed upfront what the costs are for your transaction.

Insufficient funds / credit limits

  • Your bank might stop your card payment if there isn't enough money in your account. or if you have a per-transaction limit;

  • Though card limits vary from card to card and from bank to bank. limits can be as low as 300-500USD (or any other currency);

  • Other banks may treat card payments towards Atradius Collections as cash withdrawals, meaning your cash withdrawal limit will apply;
  • To find out more or to adjust your limits, get in touch with your bank. It can take time for the changes to take effect. so try paying by bank transfer or setting up a smaller transfer in the meantime.

Thank you for understanding.

Atradius Collections