Get the most out of a debt collection call

It goes without saying that there is no generally valid blueprint for successful collection calls. We have some tips to help you during these calls.



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Every debtor is different and what leads to a positive outcome in one case may fail in the next during debt collection telephone calls. However, this is the exact reason why thorough preparation and a certain measure of flexibility will considerably increase your chances of success.
See our tips below to improve your debt collection calls.

Download The Debt Collection Call Guide

Before the call

  • Only entrust employees that are qualified and trained to make such a sensitive telephone call.
  • Establish clear minimum targets or boundaries to prevent unfavorable compromise.
  • Be thoroughly informed and prepared to deal with the case prior to calling
  • Gather all supporting materials necessary for example: customer file or list of objections.

During the call

  • Develop a clear opening line
  • Set an assertive and polite tone and atmosphere of the call.
  • Predict or identify possible objections beforehand
  • Seek possible solutions with the customer and relay consequences if unsuccessful.
  • Summarize results with the customer to ensure clarity and accord.

After the call

  • Follow-up by drawing up minutes of the call and send them to your contact person(s).
  • Documentation within the system to allow a third person to pursue the case when necessary.
  • Keep your word regarding settled due dates.
  • Keep the pressure up by continuously assessing your own activities and results.

Download The Debt Collection Call Guide

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