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The impact of digitalisation on trade

The pandemic has led to an explosion in the adoption of digital tools throughout the world, bringing with them a host of new opportunities for businesses.

In the third event of our four-part series, ‘From crisis to opportunity: what’s the future of trade?’ we gathered a panel of experts to debate how businesses may harness the power of digitalisation, while minimising any associated risks. Enjoy and watch the webinar via the form below or download the report.

About the webinar

In this event, the second in our series Crisis to Opportunity What is the Future of Trade?, we will ask our panel for their perspectives on how these issues will impact businesses. This conference presents the business-focused view, as well as the ‘insider knowledge’ of John Hulsman, into the risks and opportunities presented by different trade relationships and tariffs. We'll also ask the speakers to predict what the future could look like and explore what opportunities businesses can look for as these relationships evolve.

Meet the speakers

  • Daisy McAndrew (former Economics Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News) will moderate a panel discussion on this subject as part of our Virtual Event Series. This event features:

  • Dr John Hulsman - President and Managing Partner of John C. Hulsman Enterprises, a prominent global political risk consulting firm

  • Lesley Batchelor - OBE is a champion of UK exporters and currently COO & Commercial Director at Open Borders Direct
  • Gordon Cessford - Regional Director for Atradius in North America, covering the US, Canada and Mexico

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De-globalisation – a new way to trade

The pandemic has unquestionably shaken up trading relationships and supply chains, forcing some businesses to look to new markets or to re-shore their manufacturing capabilities. Watch our panel or sign up to receive the summary.

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