International Debt Collections Handbook

A key for buinesses when it comes to debt collections abroad.

What is the International Debt Collections Handbook?

The International Debt Collections Handbook is an annual publication that explains in detail the diversity and complexity of country-specific debt collection. This includes the different stages of amicable settlement, financial regulations concerning collections, and legal proceedings and insolvency procedures in over 40 countries.


Why is the Debt Collections Handbook highly valued by our customers?

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Our clients tell us that they regard the Handbook as an invaluable and high-demand tool for decision-making. No business is immune to the risks associated with international trade and can be exposed to poor payment behaviour. As a result, maintaining and protecting cash flow is especially crucial. Having knowledge of the amicable collections process, as well as the country specific legal phases surrounding collections, is therefore vital. With local expertise, businesses can ensure that they follow a professional and successful approach, which is why this publication is of such great value.

What can you expect to find in the Debt Collections Handbook?

Each country entry includes a snapshot of the current local economic situation including; GDP, major industries, import-export growth and the Atradius Collections success rate.

handshakeAmicable Phase

A description of each country gives insights into amicable proceedings. It explains local debt collection customs such as prescription periods, common payment methods and employment of a local agent to make field visits to debtors during the amicable phase. It also gives an overview of the interests and collection costs that are charged to the debtors.

icon legalLegal Procedures

Valuable insights are given on legal dunning procedures, which significantly differs per country. The Handbook explains differences and highlights roles of procedure rules, lawsuits, courts, bailiff and enforcement measures in the legal debt collection process.

insolvencyInsolvency Proceedings

Atradius Collections provides a complete service and support to its clients in all cases. The Handbook describes collection procedures when a customer goes bankrupt, focusing on minimising losses. Bankruptcy procedures are often lengthy and cumbersome, and can include an additional level of complexity when dealing with a debtor abroad. Most effective approaches when making claims against domestic and international bankruptcies are also discussed.

Services for safe trade

From dunning letters and amicable collections to formal litigation, our debt collection products and professionals support you through the world’s time zones, currencies, jurisdictions and languages.

Learn what Atradius Collections has to offer and select service that suit you best.


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