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13th October 2020

Bazując na lokalnym doświadczeniu, w szczegółowy sposób opisujemy kolejne etapy windykacji w różnych krajach, zaczynając od polubownej windykacji, a kończąc na postępowaniach sądowych i upadłościowych

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Atradius Collections maintains a professional collection process, focusing on the relationship between our clients and their debtors at all times. Our team of collection specialists carry out the collection process in-house, contacting debtors both verbally and in writing whilst adhering to federal and state laws. When there is a case of dispute, we aim to reach an amicable solution between the creditor and the debtor. We do this by analysing all contractual documents (e.g. signed contracts, orders, confirmations, invoices and delivery notes, as well as all standard terms that have been agreed upon). All investigations are completed with the assistance and agreement of our legal team.


Atradius Collections always charges interest to debtors, calculated at 9.5% (alternatively 7% or 5% depending on the contract stipulations). Interest is claimed in both amicable and judicial phases. Atradius Collections may request the client’s approval regarding collecting interest and may ask the client to provide an interest note (at the debtor’s request). It is often best practice not to ask for interest to be added after the principal amount has been paid in full.

Debt collection costs

In Poland, a debt collection cost of EUR 40 can be added to invoices issued after 28th April 2013. During legal proceedings, clients may also ask for other costs related to debt recovery (e.g. debt collection company invoices).

The Debt Collections Handbook presents a snapshot of Poland's economic situation and covers the following topics:

Handbook magazine





⦁    Safeguarding measures
⦁    Legal procedures and lawsuit
⦁    Insolvency proceedings
⦁    Arbitration and mediation

To read more about steps and procedures undertaken in debt collections in Poland and other countries:


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