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How can Amicable Collections benefit your business?

At the point when a trade invoice becomes overdue, is the precise moment that you need to start chasing up payment. At Atradius Collections, we recognise this first stage of debt collection  and can provide a valuable opportunity for you to enhance your relationship with your customer. Something as simple as a repayment plan or negotiations brokered locally to your customer, in their own language, often yields the best debt recovery results without the need to resort to more expensive litigation.


Amicable Debt Collections


Find the best solution for your business

Simply the act of outsourcing the debt recovery process to us enables you to carry on with your normal relationship and for business to continue smoothly for you.

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What makes us a reliable debt collection partner for your business

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Integrated collections network

We operate the most integrated collections network in the industry, with the support of our international team of debt collection specialists and our worldwide IT infrastructure.

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Worldwide presence

With our international network of locally based debt collection professionals, we provide trade invoice collection services through 96% of the world’s countries.

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Automated SWIFT payments

Our automated domestic and cross-border accounting processes enable the prompt payment of multi-currency collected monies into your accounts.

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24/7 Online access and support

We support you throughout the entire process from first party collections, to dispute registration and resolution, to the monitoring of payment plans and the collection of payments.



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Manage your account online

Collect@Net is a secure portal through which you can manage your debt collection cases. Optimised for ease of use by our customers and partners, as well as your customers, the system boasts functions that are unique to Atradius, as well as 24/7 accessibility.
As an Atradius Collections customer, factor or partner, you can access Collect@Net in a choice of 16 languages and download or share data in the format of your choice (including Word and Excel).


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Debt Collections Handbook

The International Debt Collections Handbook is a key tool for businesses when it comes to making decisions concerning collections in foreign countries.

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Amicable Collections - Case Study

“They’re also well known in the market and have a very good reputation. They know how to combine their high-quality services with a very open, highly professional relationship with their clients." Stefan Craciun, Colt Technology Services


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