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B2B Debt collection letters & emails

B2B debt collection emails and letters help you step up your collections effort in a cost-effective way. When the emails and letters are sent by a third party, they signify strong warnings and your intention to pursue the matter. They also give you ground for taking stronger measures if necessary. As an Atradius Collections customer, you have access to our reports on the B2B collection emails and letters you use, keeping you up to date with:

  • Our mailing activities
  • Your B2B collection emails’ and letters’ status

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  • Fully customised debt collection emails & letters

Together with you, we decide the language(s), content, and frequency of the collection emails and letters we send to your customers.

  • Quick & local debt collection experts

We send all our debt collection emails and letters from our local teams based in the location where your customers are located. This gives the message(s) more leverage than if they are sent from abroad.

  • Official, final warnings

When the emails and letters are sent with our addresses and letterhead, they give greater weight to your dunning process. They put your customers on notice that you will escalate if they keep defaulting on payments.

  • Necessary preparations for escalation

In case your customers remain unresponsive, the sent emails and letters give you sufficient proof to take immediate action on collections, either amicably or legally.

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*We only collect commercial debts - both you and your debtor(s) need to be business entities. We DO NOT collect personal debts.
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Debt Collections Handbook

The International Debt Collections Handbook is a key tool for businesses to make decisions about collecting B2B debts in foreign countries.

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