How our online system works

Register and submit a collection case online all in a matter of minutes with Agora.

Agora is an online system that allows users to start their debt collection process online in minutes!

The online system also allows users to get a free quote, place debt collection cases and monitor their progress online. Currently, Agora is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom and will be available to more countries soon.

In the meantime, find details about what you can do with Agora below.


Get an obligation-free quote





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Enter your company and debtor info

All we need is your name, the name of the company that owes you money and details of the debt. Submit these details in 3 easy steps to receive an instant obligation-free quote. 

Obtain your quote

Our pricing is crystal clear and all potential costs are displayed at the start. We calculate the fees and balance the amount based upon successful collection and there are no hidden costs.

Place your debts online

Accept our quote

When you are ready, simply accept our quote to continue. Confirm all of the details you entered earlier, the representative at your company who will be our first point of contact, and your nonpayer’s details. 






add documents






Add supporting documents

We will ask you for supporting documentation when you submit a new case. That includes invoices, account statements, emails and scans of other communication. The more you provide, the stronger the case.  

Begin your debt collection

Please review our terms and conditions After that, the collection process begins and will be confirmed by email. Our debt collectors begin collection activities immediately, wherever in the world the debt is located.

Follow your Debt collection case

Monitor its progress

Our online system provides you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to keep track of progress on your case. Receive status updates by email, review collection activity – even get in direct contact with the assigned case manager 










Settle your invoices online

There are usually two occasions when you will receive an invoice from us.

The first occasion is for our introduction fee. We will email you a link, which will connect you to our online system where you can pay by card or bank transfer. 

The second occasion is once we recover your debt. We reimburse you in part or in full and we deduct our collection costs from the amount of money we collect from your nonpayer. We attempt to recover part or all collection fees from your nonpayer, depending on the country. 

You can see and download all invoices at any time by logging in to our online system. 

Add new cases anytime

You can add a new case at any time, even while we are busy with your current one.

Start collecting now

Don’t let your business suffer from unpaid debts. Place your company’s debt now – and leave us to focus on your debts while you can remain focused on your core business.  and allow us to/we will collect your debts so that you can focus on your core business.


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