Clean your Balance Sheet by
collecting outstanding receivables!

We provide B2B debt collection services
through 96% of the world’s countries.

Reduce your AR

Outstanding receivables can put a serious strain on business’s resource. Collecting them before year end can strengthen your financial position and reduce the amount of reserves you need to keep.

Atradius Collections has 90 years of experience in swift and successful collection of outstanding receivables. Get in touch today to hear how we can help clean your books.

Our global success rate is 79,3%

  • Collection of outstanding receivables in 96% of the world’s countries
  • 76% of our clients say that we preserve positive relationships with their customers
  • Handling over 80 000 debt collections cases yearly
  • Supporting more than 10 000 customers globally

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*You need to be a business entity in order to make use of our services.
*We only collect commercial debts - both you and your debtor(s) need to be business entities. We DO NOT collect personal debts.
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Are you curious about how we can assist your business?

As debt collection specialists, we’ve heard most of the excuses businesses make when they fail to pay a bill. We know how to respond to this and how to exert the right level of pressure to maximise revenue collection.



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Global presence

With the presence in 28 countries and international network of 480+ local debt collection agencies and law offices, we provide trade invoice collection services through 96% of the world’s countries.


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Satisfied clients

84% of our clients say they would work with us again

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Online management


You can monitor and manage your debt collection cases through  our  integrated and secure online system Collect@Net

Assess your account receivables for risk

Curious about our clean balance sheet strategy? We have compiled an effective risk assessment guide which helps to identify red flags in the overall structure of your company’s accounts receivables. 

Download the AR Risk Assessment Guide

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B2B debt collection services

From dunning letters and amicable collections to formal litigation, we provide the full spectrum of commercial debt collection services.

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HP Inc. Case Study

Learn how we helped HP Inc. regain control over the organisation's resources by securing accounts receivables collections from B2B customers.

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